The project is to launch an online gift store, an ecommerce store where people can buy and send gifts to their loved ones using Bitcoin Cash as the only payment method. We are aware that there are lots of ecommerce stores are out there, centralized ones and decentralized platforms like OpenBazaar as well. Most of these stores are fiat based or multi currency based stores. Our intention is to create another place where people can use their Bitcoin Cash as cash and give people an option to spend Bitcoin Cash while getting rid of the HODL mentality. We strongly believe that one day Bitcoin Cash will be the most used global currency and we want to be contributing for that to happen sooner. Our goal is not to earn huge profits for ourselves. Yes we are expecting profits, and with these profits we are planning to do more good things for the Bitcoin Cash community. With the generated profits, each and every month we will be supporting community projects like Bitcoin Cash Fund, eatBCH and other crowdfunding projects like us which can bring more light to the BCH ecosystem.

Buy and send gifts to your loved ones using Bitcoin Cash!

Who are you?  

Currently we are a group of 3 individuals. Two of us are fresh graduates [ B.Sc(Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering ] and the other one is a Freelancer highly experienced in Graphic and Web designing. Most importantly we are best friends with an ambition to create something of our own and do some good for the world.

We are from Sri Lanka. A very beautiful island but very little exposure to the cryptocurrency world. Our goal is to become the first ever startup in the country to accept cryptocurrency payments in business and to be the first to implement that with Bitcoin Cash. This will attract more people towards Bitcoin Cash and a total new community will have the exposure to the real Bitcoin. We will be providing educational materials within out website about Bitcoin Cash and how to buy BCH and setup new wallets etc.

What is the reason for the crowdfund? 

As mentioned in the previous section, we are a group with two fresh graduates and a freelancer. Our intention is to keep delivering unique and new stuff to the cryptocurrency space and our main platform will be Bitcoin Cash. We have some pretty amazing ideas lined up on our minds and for those to implement we need to have some cash flow towards us. That’s why we are starting the gift store first so that we can generate some profits to help us get going. Then we will be able to continue working on our other projects as well. For all these things to happen we have to start from somewhere. That’s why we need the funding for the beginning.

Why has this specific crowdfund BCH amount been chosen? 

Our target is to collect approximately 1.5 BCH.

3 of us will be working full time implementing this project and the other lined up projects. We all know that working full time for a startup without a proper income is scary. We have to cover lots of expenses ourselves. Hosting plans, Initial product purchasing, Inventory management, Rentals, Promotional costs, Shipping costs and lots of other expenses to cover. We only need funds for the startup to cover these expenses for a month and we believe after that we will be able to cover them ourselves.

How can you re-assure pledgers that you will deliver?

We are not hiding anything and we are doing everything very transparently. Since our social media profiles are also published, pledgers can always contact us through our social media profiles and we will be updating them regularly on the progress.

Do pledgers get some kind of incentive (e.g. a flair, a thank you etc.) 

Pledgers will have unmatched discounts and coupons to use our store. They will be added to our profit distribution circle for a period of time proportional to the pledged amount. Also we are planning to fully return the pledged amount to them when the store has covered all its expenses and running as a profitable platform. So this will be more like an investment plan for the pledgers. There will be a special thanking note mentioning the pledgers for the given support as well.

What impact will this successful crowdfund have on the project?

When we go live it will deliver a positive message to the community that the community powered startups can contribute to the growth of the BCH ecosystem and that will motivate more startups as well as more pledgers to help other startups. This will help BCH community to get stronger while more ways to spend BCH will popup. Successful crowdfund for this project will not only benefit us. We will be an example for the whole BCH community. Since our main goal is not to make huge profits for ourselves but to contribute to the widespread of ongoing Bitcoin Cash adopted world we want to make a good example out of ourselves.

What would you like to say to people who are planning to pledge?

Your funds will not be wasted. We will deliver what we promise and more. We have lots of ideas to brush up the project. Hopefully with the support of the BCH community we can be a well recognized startup and contribute to the growth of bCommerce. More ways to spend BCH means more usefulness and more value to the BCH network. Every little contribution counts. Let’s help each other to create a Bitcoin Cash world and together let’s make Bitcoin grate again.