How-To Create A Project On Lighthouse

How-To Pledge To A Project On Lighthouse


Why would I use Lighthouse while there are other crowdfunding websites?

Lighthouse is a true decentralized crowdfunding application which makes use of smart contracts on the Bitcoin Cash network. It is not a simple donation page where people send BCH to a QR code. These websites can be censored, taken down or tracked down to the owner. Lighthouse projects can not be stopped or censored.

Do I need to install Lighthouse? Can't I just use a website?

Although Lighthouse might look like a simple app, there is quite a bit of magic happening under the hood. Lighthouse is a true SPV client that comes with a wallet and some unique functionalities. To build this functionality in a web app is no simple feat and has some possible security drawbacks and adds more centralization to an app which is focused on staying as decentralized as possible.

What kind of projects can I put on Lighthouse?

You can ask for funding for anything; Lighthouse is completely decentralized and therefor your crowdfunding project can not be censored.

What currencies can I accept/pledge with?

Lighthouse works only with Bitcoin (Cash). There is no other currency that can provide the censorship resistance, reliability and low transaction fees that are needed for Lighthouse to function properly.

Can I revoke my pledge?

Until the project is 100% funded, you can revoke your pledge and get your funds back.

What happens if a project fails to deliver (on time) or turns out to be a scam?

Due to the decentralized nature of Lighthouse and Bitcoin, funds go directly from pledger to project owner. Even though Bitcoin takes away the need for trust in a third party, it does not eliminate the need for trust in a second party. Project owners are incentivized to give as much information as possible to increase trust and therefore pledges but there are no guarantees that funds will actually be used by the project owners to realize the project.

What is the difference between a server assisted Lighthouse project and a decentralized Lighthouse project?

Server assisted: Pledges are coordinated by, they automatically show up in the client. No money is ever send to, only the pledges are tracked. Pledges can be exported as a file and send to the project owner.
Decentralized: Pledging works in the same way as server assisted but are not tracked by Pledges can be exported as a file and send to the project owner.

Where can I list my project?

After you create and export your project in the Lighthouse application, you can distribute it any way you like. You can make your own website, request a listing on, spread it through social media, whatever works for you.

How do I format my project text?

Lighthouse follows the github formatting syntax. For more information see

Is Lighthouse open source?

Yes, you can find the source here:

How much money does it cost to use Lighthouse?

It costs $0.00 , the project creator receives 100% of the pledges.