Can You Earn Money Gambling with BTC?

gambling and bettingWhen it comes to gambling, most people believe that the house always wins. But there are many players who win real money prizes because they use a variety of tactics and strategies that allow them to earn huge amounts of money.

Bitcoin casinos and betting sites are especially popular as the deposits and withdrawals are way easier and faster than traditional casinos and they are even kind of anonymous.

How do you make Money by Gambling?

To improve your playing skills and make sure you are always on the winning side, you need to do the following:

  • Use casino bonuses and free spins;
  • Quit while you are still ahead;
  • Minimize your expectations.

With Bitcoin betting sites it’s of course a different game since betting is different than skill games like poker. Betting is all about luck, whereas in poker you can actually win by your own skill. But that’s not what crypto betting providers will tell you at first glance.

Casino Bonuses and Free Spins

Due to the large number of online casinos, companies are forced to offer incentives to attract more and more new customers. These incentives can take the form of either cash bonuses or complementary games. You should make the most of these promotional gifts to assess whether or not you can actually win the game in question.

If the incentive is free gambling money (free money with no deposit required), treat it as if it were your money and determine how successful you can be before you actually invest in a Baccarat Casino or a sports betting site. In the case of free spins with slot machines, use them to measure the trend of your winnings and losses, after which you can decide if it is worthwhile investing some of your money in the game.

Stop Playing and Betting while you are Ahead

As soon as they win a single game, they believe that they are supposedly in a “hot streak”. Consequently, they invest their winnings over and over again to double or triple them. In most cases, this is where they incur losses.

Every person who wants to make a profit from an online casino or a bitcoin betting site must know how to manage their winnings. Since this is essentially a game of chance, reinvesting all winnings from a previous win reduces your chances of success. It is therefore wise to know the right time to get away from the game. Like when winning in the lottery the best advice would be to take your money and make the best out of it, save it, reinvest it in something serious etc, but don’t risk to lose it in gambling again.

However, rational money management should not be equated with quitting. Instead, it could mean creating a basis on which consistent profits can be made.

Minimize your Expectations

The key aspect that most people do not understand is that many, if not all, casino games are based on luck. And it doesn’t matter if your paying in a Bitcoin casino or in a normal one, that’s how it is with casinos in general. This is not a business investment, instead it is a hope that three symbols will be aligned in a slot machine. As mentioned earlier, there are few games that you can actually influence by your skills such as Poker. Read more about the likelihood to make money in this ESPN thread.

Therefore, all players entering the world of real money casinos must minimize their expectations and know what they are doing. If you assess your risks correctly, the loss will not be so devastating and winning will be so much sweeter.


All in all, gambling can be both adrenaline-pumping and profitable. If you follow the tips presented in this article, you can win more. Although addiction is a real problem for many players, good fund management and knowing when to quit can help to completely avoid the dreaded addiction.