Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency – A New Financial System


More than 10 years have passed since the Bitcoin was born, and with it the idea of a limitless new digital monetary system (or value transmission system) that is secure due to its technology. It functions independently of authorities and transactions are more or less instant, compared to traditional bank transfers, that can take days.

And an enormous amount has happened in this time. Not only have many people with several thousand other cryptocurrencies tried to imitate, develop or improve the system, but the price of the mother of all cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin – has increased by many thousand percent during this time.

Despite the crash after the big hype in 2017, the price has remained enormously high with several thousand Dollars.

Also the areas of application of Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general have expanded over the years to all kinds of areas of the financial world.

Today, Bitcoin is a value investment, a handheld product, with can pay with Bitcoin, there are loans in Bitcoin as well as money loans based on Bitcoin deposits, there are Bitcoin savings accounts, payment systems in online trading and financial services that offer secure storage of private keys.

On this platform, we are looking at all the financial sectors that Bitcoin has entered and we are taking a close look at the applications and offerings. Those sectors are:

  • Investment
  • Trading
  • Payment
  • Loans
  • Savings Accounts
  • Custody Services

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are our passion and we love to deal with the subject matter and application areas.